The attendance policy can be downloaded below.

Attendance Policy - Click Here

All children must be in their classroom by 8:55am to get a mark in the register. Children who arrive after this time will be marked as late.

If your child arrives after 9:30am it will be recorded as unauthorised whole absence for the morning session.


How parents can help get their children to school everyday 

Talk regularly with you child about school and how they feel about it.  Children are more likely to attend school if they feel supported by you and their worries are listened to and talked about.

Praise them when they come into school, ask them what they have done today, show them you are interested - all praise is GOOD!

Only allow your child days off school for genuine illness. Days off for any thing other than genuine illness will not be authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

You MUST phone school as soon as possible to tell us why your child is  absent and when they are expected to return.

Put the school number in you phone – this will save you time.

01782 296825



Examples of Authorised absences


Examples of Unauthorised absences                             

¨ Genuine illness of a pupil   

¨ Medical appointment

        (evidence required)

¨ Religious observance

¨ Death of a close relative


   ¨ Tired/overslept/ late night/weather

  ¨ Illness of a parent or carer

  ¨ Unauthorised holiday

  ¨ No clean uniform

  ¨ Child didn't want to come in

  ¨ Buying new shoes

  ¨ Older child’s school had an inset    day 

If you have any questions please contact Sue Hancock on,