Year 6

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Welcome To Year 6 2017-2018


Summer 2018

The title of this term's learning challenge is 'Who put the Great into Great Britain?' Year 6 will be learning about significant British individuals such as Queen Elizabeth II, William Shakespeare and Charles Darwin.   In our Geography lessons we will learn to locate the UK's rivers and mountains.  We will also be learning about World War I and taking part in activities to commemorate the centenary of the end of this significant historical event.   We will also be taking part in our very own UPAK Great British Bake Off!  It's going to be a busy and exciting final term for Year 6 here at UPAK. 

Please click the link below to view more details about our summer term topic.



Spring Term 2018


The title of this term's school learning challenge is Around the World in Eighty Days.  Year 6 will be studying China.  We'll learn about Chinese festivals and customs, such as Chinese New Year.  We'll learn about famous landmarks in China, especially The Great Wall and The Terracotta Army.  We'd really like to taste some traditional Chinese foods too!

Autumn Term 2017

For our learning challenge this term we will be focusing on Superheroes. We will be considering if Spiderman could really exist, and if so, which powers would he need to spin his way around Kidsgrove!




Year 6 2016-2017

Outdoor Maths!

Can I read and understand negative numbers and find intervals across zero?


This week we had lots of fun outdoors, learning how to create negative number lines and demonstrating our understanding of number intervals across zero. Here we are modelling our understanding on our playground... 



This week our Learning Challenge took us on a journey into the magical world of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone!





Welcome to Year 6!

Miss Pope and the Year 6 team are really excited about the year ahead and are really looking forward to working with all of our amazing Year 6 pupils and their families! We have a really busy half term ahead as we embark on our new Learning Challenge "I'm a Year 6 pupil, can you get me out of here?!" You can read more about our Learning Challenge by clicking the following link:

"I'm a Year 6 pupil, can you get me out of here?!" 

But where will our new Learning Challenge take us first? We are about to find out...



Year 6 Graduation: Chester University

June 23rd 2016


I'll tell you a story, a magical tale, of magic, monsters and betrayal............ 

Year 6 are working extremely hard with Miss Pope, Miss Michaela and Miss Georgina to stage a fabulous production of Shakespeare's "The Tempest", to be held at The Victoria Hall in Kidsgrove in July. Here we are working on blocking scenes during our first rehearsal!




Believe- Belong- Become (Year 6 Style!)

We worked with a professional graffiti artisit to produce a fantastic piece of graffiti art for the Academy that we are so proud to be a part of! What do you all think?!


The Making of Harry Potter!

On Tuesday 17th May, Year 5 and Year 6 visited Warner Bros. Studios - The Making of Harry Potter. We had an amazing, magical day and are planning our very own magic-themed Learning Challenge for LP6... Watch this space!





We are writers!


Home Learning Project: Science

Can you make a periscope and explain how it works?


Outdoor Learning in Year 6!

We had a great residential visit to Laches Wood in the Autumn Term and, on our return, wecontinued with the outdoor learning theme during our "Welly Wednesday" activities! From natural art with symmetrical patterns to orienteering challenges, here is just a snapshot of our learning in the great outdoors!!!


AUTUMN TERM: I'm a Year 6 pupil, can you get me out of here?!!

What a great start to the new term! We are kicking off the new academic year by finding out all about our local area of Stoke-On-Trent. We will be discovering how it has grown and changed over time. We will be using our geography skills to navigate around the local area using a map and compass. In our art learning we have been inspired by Clarice Cliff. Here we are designing our "Bizarre" inspired Learning Challenge books!


Year 6 LOVE to read... in fact, we read just about anywhere!!!!!



The Class of 2015!!

Why was the early Islamic Civilisation around AD900 known as the "Golden Age"?


This is our new Learning Challenge for the Summer Term. Our books look fantastic and we have been busy researching key facts to help us answer this question! Here we are designing Islamic ceramic tiles as part of our Art skills learning...


Having read ALL about solar eclipses as part of reading comprehension lessons on journalistic style, Miss Pope ordered us our very own solar eclipse which took place on Friday 20th March! Here we are with our "pin hole camera", watching a live eclipse safely...



Spring Learning Challenge: Do you believe in unicorns?

Our Spring Learning Challenge has been based around myths and legends.We started by reading books: "I believe in unicorns" by Michael Morpurgo and "Narnia:The Voyage of the Dawn Treader" by CS Lewis.This first story of our stories is about a young boy, Tomas Porec, who gets dragged to the library where The Unicorn Lady told the story of Noah's Ark (Their own version ) and how the unicorns were saved!...We started to talk about some questions linked with our learning challenge and P4C. (Philosophy for Children) Some of the questions were: What is the origin of the unicorns ? Is it a good thing to believe ? How would life be different if all myths were true? Then we dug even deeper and thought of a few questions : Should you always believe what everyone tells you? Would the world be better without belief? Is it right to have belief?What made Myths and Legends?   

Would the world be better without beliefs?

YES                                                     NO

Less war                                     People won't have the inspiration to make changes

More people                                Nothing to look forward to

Peace                                           No self-belief

Cared-for world                           People won't be the same

                                                    No culture

We are enjoying our Learning Challenge! Last week we wrote letters to complain to Sea Parks about them using the Loch Ness Monster in their entertainment venues. This week we are working on our diary recount - with the journal of a myth-hunter. All of our learning can be seen in our fantastic LCC books.

By Kieran MacDonald, Joshua Wooldridge, Kieran Bradbury and Jeremiah Hough (Year 6 pupils)

Artistic study of the role of water in our local area.


Autumn Learning Challenge: I'm a Year 6 Pupil... Can you get me out of here?!

We have loved this term's learning challenge and have learnt so many new skills! We finished off our learning challenge by learning how to use a compass to help get us out of here for Christmas! To prove our learning we have worked hard on making video tutorials to help pass on our new orienteering skills. We then tested our learning by taking part in a treasure hunt around the Academy grounds! We had great fun working together to follow the clues that Miss Pope and Mr Dickinson had recorded for us. Did we find the hidden treasure? Of course we did!! Now.... GET US OUT OF HERE!!!



Check out the newly appointed Year 6 Prefects!!

Lauren Mountford, Joshua Sourbutts, Annalise Stark, Sky Bratton, Libby Woodall, Thomas Lockett, Kyle Moston and Connor Minton

Supporting Children in Need!

For this Year's Children in Need we donated money and wore our slippers for the day. Many of us entered the "Design a Superhero" competition. In this week's P4C, Year 6 discussed the following question: "Is everyone capable of being a hero?" The teddies that joined us for "Slipper Day" certainly think we all are!! We decided that one of the characteristics of being a hero was being charitable and this is certainly a word we would use to describe Libby who appeared in school today minus her VERY long locks!! Last night, Libby had all of her hair cut off and is donating it to the Little Princess Trust, a charity that makes wigs for children who have lost their own hair through cancer treatment. To support Libby, many of us have donated extra money to Children in Need.  Libby is pictured with her new, super-cool short hair style below. Doesn't she look amazing?!!



Year 6 are amazing at reading and these are two books by Michael Morpurgo that we are reading this term, both linked to our Literacy and Language and Learning Challenge!



      Maths.... Making our Year 6 Brains Ache!!

Miss Pope set us the challenge of organising the numbers 1-9 in three hoops so that the total of each hoop was 15. We had to find all possible solutions! 


A new Learning Challenge!!

 Where does our food come from? What are the environmental issues of this?

Did you know that the bananas we eat come from Cameroon? (That's Cameroon, not our very own Cameron!) Ot that this week's pears come from Belgium? What about the fact that our kiwi fruits come from New Zealand? When we visited Tesco we found all about where our food comes from! This week, Year 6 have been showing off their amazing mapping skills to find all of the countries of origin of our food. Some of our food travels thousands of miles to get to us! It may be pretty impressive but it is also harmful to the environment. This week we have been finding out just HOW BIG our carbon footprint really is!



I'm a Year 6 pupil... Can you get me out of here?!

Welcome to Year 6! Our new Learning Challenge for the Autumn term is a geography based one looking at the local area and map work skills. In particular, watch out for news on our treasure hunt, with maps and compasses, designed to help us prove our learning and reflect on everything that we have achieved.

We got cracking with a visit to Tesco for a sneaky peek behind the scenes! We explored the warehouses, chillers and freezers before completing a grocery trail to find out more about the food we eat every day and where it comes from. We even had a go at using the checkouts! Super maths learning! We finished our visit with a food sampling session- our very own "Bush Tucker Trial"!

View more photos from our Tesco visit here.


Other Year 6 Reminders

Homework will be given out and collected on a Friday.

Some pupils will be a free reader whilst others may be provided with an appropriate reading book from school.

We are reading books by the author Michael Morpurgo to link with our Learning Challenge and Literacy and Language lessons.

Watch this space for news on Year 6 specific parent meetings and workshops.






WOW... what a busy term Year 6 have had!

The children have been working extremely hard to improve their levels and show what they know. Every single one of them is now ready for SATs week itself which is the 12th of May. Following SATs, the children are really excited to be starting their Learning Challenge and planning their own learning there is also rumour that the children are going to be very busy out and about, including visiting UAK!!

Animation Week










Proudly Displaying Our Learning 









Learning at Home