Year 5


Summer 2018


Year 5 have returned to school to undertake the most important term of their school lives. This message is one which I have been giving to ensure that all children are ready for end of year performance tests, and to be ready for Year 6.

I will continue to develop and adapt my online games via Quizlet to allow children to learn the statutory spellings.

To ensure the children are ready for academic success, they will be continuing with their Literacy and Language units in English lessons and looking at shape, fractions and measuring in Maths.

In the learning challenge curriculum, the children will be learning about Great Britain and specifically Who put the Great in Great Britain?  You can find more details on our 'Who Put the Great into Great Britain?' topic by clicking the topic overview link below. 

To prepare for life outside the classroom the children will be completing their Bikeability course to ensure that they can safely use their bikes in the local area by using the road and path network.

Year 5 have been asked to produce a display for the main hall of the school due to our excellent display work from last term. Our focus for this is on the World Wars, specifically World War 1.

At the high school we are continuing to develop our knowledge of programming, invasion and team games and British art.

We are also preparing to race our 'green power' car. The car now runs electrically and is very close to completion in its construction. We can’t wait to race at Seighford!



Spring 2018

It has been great to return and to hear so many stories from the children about their experiences over the holiday period.  However, holiday time is over and we are back to learning time!

This term we are learning about some very exciting topics. In Maths, we will be learning about place value, measurements, prime numbers, square and cube numbers and capacity.

The Learning Challenge lessons are based around the country Brazil. For the history aspect of these lessons we will be looking at the influence of the Maya people who influenced Central and Southern America. In Geography, we will be looking at key locations, the influence of the Amazon river on Brazil and the importance of music on the culture.  We will also be experiencing new sports, new afterschool clubs, forest school and Bikeability.

As a part of my commitment to improving access to STEM subjects, I have a class of young engineers who are building their own electric powered single seat race car. At the moment, the chassis and steering assembly are complete. To encourage children further we are completing the project in the high school workshops, a local STEM ambassador is attending to help out and a number of Duke of Edinburgh’s Award students are assisting in the development of the children’s maths, science and practical skills. At some point in the summer the students will be entering the car into national racing!

Year 5 have improved so much in such a short amount of time, and this is now evident in their results and attitude to learning.  I have been very encouraged with the number of parents and children who are accessing and engaging in my online revision games. I will continue to produce these resources this next term as they have made such a big difference to achievement. (See weekly newsletters for online addresses).

Mr L.McCue






I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Year 5 web page.

During the year I will be looking to instil an ethos of excellence in the children in Year 5 to prepare them for the most crucial year of their school lives.

We will be improving our maths provision by using the Abacus maths scheme, which is highly interactive and contains opportunities for children to pursue excellence on their route to mastery.

Our English lessons in term one will have a focus on Greek mythology as we look at the story of Zeus, Prometheus and Pandora.

Many of our lessons will take place at the neighbouring high school to take advantage of the resources and facilities.

For our learning challenge we will be focusing on Superheroes. We will be considering if Spiderman could really exist, and if so, which powers would he need to spin his way around Kidsgrove!

The start to the year has already been very positive and both the children and parents have been very gracious in welcoming me back to this wonderful community.

I look forward to working with you as we help the children achieve their full potential.

Mr L McCue




Summer Term 2017

Summer 2

During these final weeks in Year 5 we will explore the 'land of the free and the home of the brave', the USA. Our new learning challenge question is 'What's so special about the USA'. We will be researching New York City in order to write a tour guide, and we'll find out what made Native American culture special, amongst other things. I look forward to exploring this very exciting topic with you! 


In Maths we will be learning about different kinds of measurements, converting metric units of measurement into imperial units of measurement, and measuring the perimeter, area and volume for different 2D and 3D shapes. 


In English we will explore play scripts and will have a go at writing our own. Welcome to our final half term in Year 5!


LAMDA: Our LAMDA children did an outstanding job representing UPAK and Year 5 on Saturday during their examination. Well done on all your hard work!




Summer 1


I hope you had a lovely, sunny Easter holiday and welcome to our final term in Year 5! 

This term our learning challenge topic is based on  World War II history, with a learning challenge question ' How could Hitler have convinced a nation like Germany to have followed him?'  We will learn about the beginning of the war, the reasons for Hitler's aggression against other countries, and the great suffering his rule caused for Jewish people in Europe. We will also learn about the impact of the war in Britain, especially for children who had to leave their homes due to bombing raids. This is a fascinating and emotional topic and we're expecting to see lots of great discussion and thoughtful writing. 


In Maths we will look at geometry by learning all about angles, measurements and shapes. 


In Science we will find out why we're not constantly floating in the air or skidding around by learning all about forces. 


Bikeability 4th and 5th May!

Well done to all of our bikeability children! We had just the perfect weather for some cycling adventures and the instructors were very impressed by your enthusiasm. Badges and certificates will be given out on Monday 8th. 


Thank you!

Thank you for a lovely half-term Year 5, have a good rest and a relaxing half-term holiday! I look forward to seeing you back in school on Monday 5th of June! Remember to research the work of Andy Warhol in order to create your own piece of artwork ready to be handed in on Tuesday 6th June.  Thank you for all your hard work this half-term!

Spring Term 2017

Welcome to Spring in Year 5! This term we have been learning all about the Anglo-Saxons, with a learning challenge question ‘ Were the Anglo-Saxons really smashing?’

We learnt that the Angles and Saxons came from northern Europe and ruled England from 410 AD to 1066 AD. We discovered why King Alfred the Great was so ‘great’, and how the Anglo-Saxon army was able to defeat the ferocious Viking invaders in the Battle of Edington in 878 AD. In addition, we learnt that the Anglo-Saxons took crime very seriously and even petty criminals would receive very harsh sentences, and so we discussed whether we’d like to live in Anglo-Saxon times or modern Britain.

Later on this term we plan to create a ‘shield wall’, a battle strategy adapted from the Romans and used in the Battle of Edington. The children have created their own shields at home and will use them in school in the next coming week to practice working as a team to defeat the ‘Vikings’.

In Maths we have been learning all about fractions, percentages and decimal numbers. We have used all of the above to solve word problems and converted numbers from fractions to percentages and decimal numbers and vice versa. We've seen some super work from Year 5 this term!

In English we have looked at and created our own poetry, as well as reading and writing fiction. In the final weeks of the term we will also write non-fiction in the form of a biography for a famous children’s author. Who could it be (J.K Rowling, David Walliams, Jeremy Strong perhaps?), watch this space… (In fact it was Anthony Horowitz)



Year 5 class trip!

Our class trip letters have gone out today and the response slips are due to be returned by Monday 3rd of April.


We had a fabulous trip to the Potteries Museum on Wednesday 5th of April. The staff were very impressed by our children's knowledge and their thoughtful questions. We learnt all about different kinds of weapons that were used in battles, and saw the great Anglo-Saxon hoard. The children also enjoyed going to the extremely well-stocked gift shop! 


Autumn 2016

A very warm welcome to our new Year 5 pupils and their families!

We hope that you have enjoyed an exciting and fun summer holiday. Year 5 is a very important year because all of the skills and knowledge the children gain will help to prepare them for their SAT exams in Year 6. Year 5 is also a very exciting year because this autumn term we will be learning all about the Earth and space in Science, and in our first learning challenge topic we will explore the tropical rainforests of the world!

The children have had fantastic two days in Year 5 so far, and we have been busy thinking about all the learning and skills we want to achieve this year. We have also welcomed three mascots into our classroom. The children decided to name our new SPAG (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) owl Snowy, and we also have a reading corner Lion named Rory, without forgetting our fantastic door stop dog Bob who welcomes the children into the classroom every morning.

All of the teachers have been very impressed by the children’s summer homework outcomes, and we have seen some incredible Spitfire models (thank you to the grown ups for all your help and support). Well done to the children for all their hard work!

In our rainforest topic our learning challenge question is ‘Why should the rainforests be important to us all?’ We will develop our geography skills by using atlases and globes to find the Equator and Tropics of Cancer & Capricorn. We will also discuss why the rainforests are often in the news and what kind of impact human activities have on them.


In Science we will explore our solar system and find out why we experience night and day. We will also discuss if it is possible to send another man on the moon again.


Photos of our exciting learning activities will follow shortly.


Miss Toelli