Year 4




This term we have a lot of exciting learning to do.  Our new Learning Challenges are ‘Why were the Romans so powerful?’ and ‘Why might people go to Italy on holiday?’  We will be learning about pizza making, visiting Chester Roman museum and writing a recount about it.  We will create a Roman timeline and a diary entry as a Roman soldier.  We will also look at the differences and similarities between Staffordshire and Tuscany, write a letter in role as an Italian living in Tuscany and use persuasion to write a brochure.





Welcome back Year 4!

I hope you all had a lovely half term, you all worked extremely hard last half term and I know you will do so this half term too.  We are continuing with our learning challenge of ‘Who put the Trent in Stoke On Trent?’ and RE with ‘Special Places’.  Our new Science topic is ‘Changes to Materials’ where we will be looking at solids, liquids and gases and will be carrying out an experiment!


   What's Your Super Power?

We have got another exciting term ahead with our Learning challenges this term, all themed around Superheroes.  Our History and Geography focus will be based on the question ‘Who put the Trent in Stoke-On-Trent?’  We will be looking at atlases to locate the U.K and Stoke.  We will be looking at the life of Edward Smith, the Captain of the Titanic, to see if he was a hero and will be writing a timeline of his life.  We will also be having a superhero day, taking part in different superhero challenges.  Our ‘superhero’ book corner already looks great!  We will also be looking at the work of Moorcroft and writing a biography about him.



Summer 2017

Another busy half-term ahead for Year 4!

 Our new learning challenge is Where would you choose to build a city?  We have lots of exciting things planned. We are planning to answer a number of questions such as:

  •  Can you choose a major European city and create a brochure to encourage someone to visit? 
  • Using paper, how can you create a skyscraper that is at least 2 metres high? 
  • What are the major differences between a major city and a small town or village? 
  • Why is the transport system very important in major cities?

In science, our new challenge is all about electricity so it’s time to get the wires, 

batteries and bulbs out! 


Summer Term 2017 LP5

After our busy term of investigating all things Roman we are starting our new learning challenge of ‘Who were the early law makers?’  As part of this investigation we will be examining the punishments people faced during the Anglo Saxon and Tudor times, how new laws are made and how the Houses of Parliament is organised. 


Autumn 2017

This term we have got lots of exciting activities planned around the question ' Why is the River Mersey so important to Liverpool?'.  We are going to use atlas to locate Liverpool, investigate other cities which are situated on a river and how a river impact on peoples lives.















September 2015

Welcome to Year 4 with Mrs Clothier!

What a great year we have ahead of us, kicking off with our new learning challenge: "Why is the River Trent so important to us?" We will be finding out about the location of the river and sketching how the river has changed. We also also finding our about different European cities and the rivers that they are situated on. 

This week we have made an amazing start with our reading and writing, which we love!!!



We have made an outstanding start to the year across the curriculum. The weather held out for us to take our problem solving lesson outside. We split into groups and had different challenges. Then we had to teach each other what we had found out.

Our learning challenge for this half term is 'What Makes Kidsgrove Such a Cool Place to Live?' Firstly, we researched canals, as we have one in our local area. Soon we will be designing and making moving bridges. We are planning to go to Kidsgrove to sketch and photograph some of our local landmarks.

Year 4 had a fantastic morning out at Tesco! All of us were given bread dough, which we shaped before it went to the bakery to be baked. We even saw it in the proving oven to help it rise. Then we had a tour of the warehouse, even the chiller and freezer. The tills were great fun, everyone had a go at scanning the shopping!




Swimming will be every Wednesday, remember to be in school for 8:30am with your kit.

For swimming boys must wear trunks, not shorts. Girls need a full swimming costume and a swimming cap. The swimming pool have asked me to let you know that the children should not be wearing goggles.

Homework is given out every Friday, and needs to be handed in the following Friday.

Some children are provided with an appropriate reading book, whereas others will be free readers. Free readers are allowed to choose their own reading book, however I do often guide this.



Year 4 2013-2014 


Chester Zoo

To see photos of our trip to Chester Zoo please click here

Year 4, just like the rest of our Academy, had a fantastic day at Chester Zoo! Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits! Our Learning Challenge for September will focus on the rainforest and therefore much of our visit was spent identifying rainforest animals and finding out all about them! Luckily, we found a dry spot in “Spirit of the Jaguar” to stop and have our lunch whilst watching a sloth climb sleepily along its rope. We learnt so much ready for our new Learning Challenge and thoroughly enjoyed our day out at the zoo!  

Ice Painting

To see photos of Year 4's ice paintings please click here.

We have worked on the Learning Challenge “How could we survive without water?” this week. We found ourselves stranded on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean!! After finding out all about the Pacific and working together to ensure we survived we made comic books of our adventures. We investigated the different ways that we can change water into ice and water vapour. Here we are painting with ice! We used our paintings as a means of displaying our work in our Learning Challenge books. 



Learning Challenge 

Year 4 have started their LEARNING CHALLENGE!! Our exciting, new, inquiry-led curriculum! This first topic has been based on the question “What makes family special and does family mean the same to everyone?” We have focused our learning on Hinduism and in particular the festival of Raksha Bandhan. Check out our Learning Challenge reflection for more details!!

Click here to see Year 4's learning challenge reflection


Year 4’s search for Where’s Wally?!

Year 4 had such a busy Spring term with their Where’s Wally? topic!! They studied their local area and found out all about the changes in Kidsgrove past and present. They enjoyed walks around their town, photographing interesting features and, back in the classroom, they produced some fantastic sketches using different grades of pencil, line, tone and texture and also worked with photo montage, collage and painting techniques. When looking at the local environment they also planned ways to improve their playground and wrote to Principal Mr Farrington, who has taken their ideas on board. As part of their Literacy and Language Learning, the children wrote and produced lessons on how to get that perfect popstar look! (One direction had better WATCH OUT!)

Of course, they have also taken on two exciting projects:






An enrichment project called BWTN ( Boys Writing Todays News),where the boys are working to produce a school newspaper











An enterprise venture called GEMS (Girls Engaging with Mathematics and Science) in which the girls are planning to open a school shop selling their home-made bath bombs.





Year 4 are about to launch into their exciting Learning Challenge for the summer term…… It’s going to be fantastic!!!
To have a look at all the hard work Year 4 have been doing click here