Year 3

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Summer 2018

Dear Year 3 Parents and children

Welcome to the Summer Term! Let’s hope that we will get lots of opportunities to enjoy the outdoors as well as our indoor learning.

This term our topic is:  Who put the Great in Great Britain?

A link to the curriculum overview can be found here: TOPIC OVERVIEW

On Thursday 26th April the children can come to school dressed as the Greatest Briton! I wonder how many Roald Dahls, William Shakespeares, footballers and pop stars we will see?

One of our after-school clubs this term is the Year 3 and 4 Gardening Club. I LOVE gardening and so I’m really excited to be taking this club. We will be creating a vegetable garden – Peter Rabbit watch out! I’m hoping to grow lots of things that we can then cook and eat.

If you have any vegetable or fruit plants or seeds that you would be willing to donate, please hand them to me at the start or end of school.

If you have any questions about our learning, please feel free to come and speak to me


Spring 2018

Welcome back to a brand new term and a brand new year. I hope everyone enjoyed the festive season and that the children are rested and ready to enjoy our new topic.

        Salve Citizens !       

This term we wii be discovering that Italy gave us more than pizza, pasta and           Miss Fabbeni!

Have you ever wondered why roads tend to be straight?                     

Are you perplexed by Latin?

Do you know how we got the phrase ‘ You’re not worth your salt?’

 Well, Year 3 will be finding out all about Ancient Rome and the country of Italy. We will be joining a legion, fighting in the Arena and going on holiday to Tuscany!  We will also be making pizza and fresh pasta.  You'll find more details about our topic by clicking the link below:


Homework will be set on a Thursday and should be in by the following Wednesday at the latest.


We have lots of exciting learning planned for this year. Our first Learning Challenge Question is

    ‘Who put the Trent in Stoke-on-Trent?’

We will be learning about the lives of some famous people from Stoke and deciding whether or not they are modern day ‘Superheroes’.  You can click on the TOPIC OVERVIEW link below for more detail on our Autumn term topic.

In our Language and Literacy lessons, we will be continuing to develop the skills we need to become confident and independent writers.  We will also be reading a variety of different stories, poems and plays. I am especially looking forward to sharing some of my favourite books with the class.

Using our new school scheme, Abacus, our Maths learning will be even more exciting and challenging! We will continue to build on the excellent foundations laid in Key Stage One and learn lots of new skills.

PE is on Mondays and Thursdays. Kit can be brought into school on Monday and then remain until Thursday, when it can come home for a much needed wash!

Every Friday a class newsletter will be sent home which will tell you more about what is happening in Year 3. Our Home Learning will also go home on Friday and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday.


Here’s to an exciting year ahead!

The Year 3 team

      Summer Term 2017      


   Why has Greece always been in the news?   

Our new learning challenge this half term is ‘Why has Greece always been in the news?’  We are going to be learning lots of exciting things about the difference in weather between here and Greece, we are going to produce a holiday advert to persuade people to go on holiday in Greece, we are going to produce a brochure for tourists, recommending key places to visit in Greece and write an explanation text to explain if they would prefer to live in Athens or Sparta after researching these.

We are going to be very busy!

Summer Term 2017


Welcome back after Easter, I hope you all had a wonderful break!

Our new learning challenge this half term is

‘How did Josiah Wedgewood shape the Stoke-on-Trent that we know today?’

I have planned lots of exciting learning opportunities: We will be researching our local area of Stoke-On-Trent, locating it on a map and writing a fact file about what we know and what we have found out.  We will look into the life of Josiah Wedgewood and write an information text about his factory.  We will put our creative skills to the test by making a plate out of clay and then writing instructions to explain how we made it.

For more detail about our Summer Term Learning Challenge click on the link below:





Spring Term update 2017


Stone Age to the Iron Age

Another term, another exciting topic! We are going to be very busy in Year 3!

Our question for our learning challenge this term is "Who first lived in Britain?"


We will be researching what an archeologist does, creating a presentation about one of the different ages, producing some early Briton art work, designing and making a model of a Stone Age shelter and looking at the foods they ate and stewing fruit to taste.


Can you help Maddie with her festive mission of supporting The City Dog's Home? 


A huge warm welcome to all of Year 3!

 I hope you have all had a fanatstic summer break with lots of new experiences.  Thank you to those who have completed the mini challenge they are great!  We have got an exciting term ahead based on the question 'Why
do so many people go to the Mediterranean for their holidays?'  As part of this Learning Challenge we will be investigating the differences in weather between the UK and the Mediterranean, researching the food consumed in this area and looking at famous artists from this area.


What an exciting term ahead we have.

Year 3 I am looking forward to getting to know you and develop your learning.

Our learning challenge is all based around the question 'Has Greece always been in the news?'.  To answer this question we will be using an atlas to locate Greece, using the ipads to record the weather in Greece and compare this to Kidsgrove.  Towards the end of the term we shall be going on a trip to Churnett Valley Railway.



I hope that you are all having a super Christmas holiday. For the spring term year 3 are beginning a brand new topic, ‘who first lived in Britain?’ I have got some really exciting lessons planned for the children relating to our new topic. Some of these include, designing and making their own stone age houses, writing instructions and numbers for stone age people and exploring what stone age people would have eaten for their dinner! Any extra research that the children can do relating to the topic would really help them with their work.




Autumn Term Update!


The children in Year 3 are really enjoying our new learning challenge topic! They have done the coke and mento experiment on the playground so that they have a good understanding of how a volcano erupts. Also the children have researched famous volcanoes using the computers and created their own information leaflets. The children have really impressed me with their persuasive writing. They had to write a persuasive letter to Mr Farrington to persuade him to take all of Year 3 on a trip to a volcano.



Welcome back, I hope that you have all had a lovely October half term break. Our brand new topic this term is all about volcanoes and earthquakes, the title is 'what makes the earth angry?' We will be exploring lots of different types of weather and natural disasters. In Science we have moved onto learning all about rocks and soils. During our first week back the children have been introduced to fossils and we have made our own to add to our science display. Religious education lessons this term will focus on what different religions believe about God. The children are incredibly excited about our new topics and can't wait to start learning!


Welcome back! I hope you all have had a fantastic summer holiday.

We have got lots of exciting things planned for Year 3 this term.

Our new learning challenge topic is based around the Mediterranean, I have been really impressed by the hard work which the children have put into their holiday projects and they look fantastic on display.

In Science our question is ‘How far can you throw your shadow?’ We have begun our work on the new topic this week by finding out what the children already know and what they want to find out.


Reading Comprehension Week in Year 3!

In our Literacy lessons this week we have focussing on ‘The Twits’ by Roald Dahl. 

We have been writing descriptions of Mr Twit’s beard, using drama to explore the text and writing a persuasive letter to the Twits to try and prevent them from playing naughty tricks on each other. We have all thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘The Twits’ and can’t wait to begin reading another Roald Dahl book.