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Year 2 children learn about Life in Africa - 13/03/2018

On Thursday, March 1, Year 2 children at University Primary Academy Kidsgrove (UPAK) were engaged in a creative writing lesson on World Book Day.

Having read “Why Elephant Has a Trunk”, the children shared their ideas before they wrote their own version called “Why Giraffe has a long neck”.

Children write for a range of purposes across the curriculum and are especially engaged in their writing at the moment linked to their topic on Life in Africa.

Year 2 Teacher, Mrs Long said: “The children have produced fantastic stories today, they have loved sharing the Tinga Tinga tales from Africa and were very enthusiastic about writing their own. We will now turn their writing into their own books that they will go and read to younger children in the school.”

Jasmine, Year 2 pupil said: “I’m really pleased with my story, I really liked writing about the giraffe.”