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Pupils develop maths skills through outdoor learning with Forest Schools - 08/05/2018

On Monday, April 23, Year 2 pupils from University Primary Academy Kidsgrove (UPAK) spent the morning exploring the Sensory Garden before continuing their learning on “What Grows in a great British Garden?

In the classroom later that week, the children learnt about tally and bar charts to show the most commonly spotted species of flowers in our school grounds.

The Science topic this term focuses on “What Grows in a great British Garden?”.  Pupils are learning to identify and name different British trees, plants and creatures commonly found in our gardens.  The children are learning how to grow their own plants, how trees change over the course of a year and also about microhabitats and lifecycles.

Following our forest school session, pupils were challenged to find a way to show which flowers grew in our school garden and which was the most common.  The children produced tally charts and bar graphs and applied their maths skills to answering a range of questions to interpret the data they had collected and represented.  The data handling session was so much more meaningful for the pupils having had 1st hand experience of the school garden beforehand.

Mrs Long, Year 2 Teacher said: “The children enjoyed a fantastic morning in the sensory garden developing their forest school skills with Mrs Gould.  It’s been wonderful to see the huge amount of teamwork, problem solving and cooperation being used by the children while they built dens and mini-beast homes, explored trees using their senses and identified different species of plants and trees.  We’ve observed lots of signs of Spring and can’t wait to go back into the garden to observe the changes that occur as the summer arrives!”

Pupils Amy, Zak and Kian all agreed the best part of the morning was working together to build a den big enough to fit themselves and their friends in, while Jasmine said she loved finding wiggly worms and building them a home to live in. Mia said she liked seeing the blossom and spotting different flowers and Max said he enjoyed using the ‘tree identity spotters guide’ to help him learn the names of different trees in our school garden.